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Dave's "WTF?!" Files

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Ever here one of those "Dead Baby" Jokes? Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 03:03 pm
I'm Baaaaaaack... And boy oh boy is this a long one folks. So sit back, get a cup of coffee and read on.

From WorldNetDaily.com- 'Fetus eater'loses medical license

ahem- "whatdafuck?!

Ok, just go and read the whole thing before you go on folks. And be sure to look at the links to the photos. They are not as bad as you may think. Trust me, it will all make sence in the end.

Done now? Good. Let's get started here.

Now putting a fetus in the microwave and stirring it in one’s lunch is down-right sick. Just ask Mrs. Stanek. She’s obviously done her research on this bit of news reporting. She tries ever so hard to be very impartial towards the issue of abortions and would never accuse someone of baby eating, or watching porn flicks after overdosing on heroin for that matter, unless it’s true. Obviously she would know what the word unbiased means? Right? Oh yeah, “Right”. As in Right-winger. I guess I just answered my own question huh? Please note where this fine piece of grade school reporting is coming from- WorldNetDaily.com, a very Conservative Rightwing news website. And it happens to be that they are extremely pro-life. To the point that anyone who performs, has or condones abortion will be going to hell and surly must be eating your babies. Just like them there homos and lesbos by God. Give me a break you stupid Christ-humping bimbo.

So in the interest of actually finding something a little more unbiased I did a bit of digging around about Mr. Rajanna and found quite a few unbiased news articles about this whole ordeal. None of which paint this guy as a coinsure of fetal cuisine. Here's a good source on the whole thing from the Lawrence Journal-World:


Of note-
"In a police statement taken during a theft investigation at the clinic, an employee who was a suspect in the fraud told police that Rajanna had been seen putting a fetus in the microwave and stirring it in his lunch. No charges were filed against the employee or Rajanna."

Boy do I ever small a load of shit. So let me get this straight, a suspect in a theft at the clinic, a suspect that was an employee of Rajanna’s, told the police who were investigating *her* that this guy eats babies. I don't know about you but this sounds like a bit of a distraction attempt to me. "Yeah I may have pilfered some cash or equipment, but this Dr.dude eats babies with some fava beans and a nice Chianti fer cripes sake Mr. Officer! Really!" Riiiiiight. Say this story is right and the doctor is chowing down on some fetus enchiladas. Surly there must me some sort of undisputable evidence. Say those photographs. So what about those photos? I'm sorry but there is not one thing in them that proves there's been any baby eating of any sort, let alone microwaving of said infants. Oh sure there's that shot of a cup with some sort of brown/red liquid. Is it frape baby? Is it someones three day old Slim Fast shake gone horribly array? Who the hell knows? It's too vague of a frigging photograph to tell. Now if there was a shot of the guy actually eating a baby then I would be right there with a pitchfork with the rest of the mob. But there's not. All I get from those shots is one ghettotastic clinic that needs to be shut down for being a dump.

The actual allegations that stuck in revoking his license, thusly shutting his clinic down, was from two surprise visits in March reporting that "the facility was unclean and that Rajanna and his staff kept syringes of medications in an unlocked refrigerator. The inspector also reported finding a dead mouse in the hallway." Not one word about baby eating, baby flushing or general inappropriate behavior towards any baby. Not even baby kicking. Here's an article from AP with why his clinic was shut down and how it has sparked a lot of saber rattling from Pro-Lifers as well as Pro-Choicers- http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/news/local/11873212.htm

Now don't get me wrong folks. An unsanitary and unsafe medical facility should be fined and shut down for non-compliance, as what happened to Rajanna's clinic. But as always some extremist f@#ktwad is going to blow something like this out of proportion for their own agenda. So please for the love of simple common sense people don't take everything you hear, see or read as gospel. Especially from a very Coo-Coo Bananas news sorce like WorldNetDaily.com. Conservative, Liberal or otherwise biased new is biased news folks. Check things out. Read other sources that are not biased. Get the whole story before you pass any judgment.

I'm just saying is all.

Dave's "WTF" File #4 Apr. 22nd, 2005 @ 02:12 am
Faithful flock to Chicago freeway to see image of Virgin Mary

ahem- "whatdafuck?!

How the hell are these people seeing the mother of Jesus H. Christ? Under a freeway? In Chicago?! Please, someone tell me. Because I know that if I was the mother of the world's lord and savior I most certainly would have picked a far better place to reveal myself. Like on a massive billboard next to the freeway. Or on a street sigh on the freeway. Hell, even the sign at the 7-Eleven just of the frigging freeway would have been better. She's the lord's mom for Christ sake! She would have picked a much better place than under a freeway! It’s not like she really needs to slum it you know. But what the hell is it then? Cause it's not just some big splotch. No ordinary splotch could possibly have this much sway upon intelligent folks like these. I'll tell you what this mysterious splotch is and why it's so mesmerizing. But first I want you to take a good look at the picture. Go on and look. I'll wait. http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/050421/photos_od_afp/050421164548_gvchx48e_photo0
Done? Good. So what is this splotch that has such powers to hold sway on the Chicago populous? It is… a giant vagina. Yes you heard me right. It’s a giant vagina. Don't believe me do you? Then go on and take another look. See the folds? See the hood? See the clitoris? See it now naysayer? I know you do. Yes boys and girls it's a colossal, glorious, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious cootch. Knowing that alone pretty much explains why it's got such an attraction to so many sexually pent-up knuckleheads.

So remember kids. We all see what we want to see. But seeing a big nay-nay is more fun then seeing some dead guy's virgin mom. Who’s dead as well. Which could only lead to bad things. Really bad.
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Just a reminder... Apr. 21st, 2005 @ 10:20 pm
Just remember that for the time being I'll be the only one posting the "WTF?!"s. In the future I'll let some other folks take a stab at it. I'm doing it this way because I want folks to get the jist of where I'm going with this little rantoramma before I let them take a drive. So remember-

Only your Lord and Master Dave may post "WTF?!" Files right now.

Now go on and enjoy the rest of your day. Help an old lady across the street. Punch Paris Hilton in the pie hole. You know, fun stuff.

Update on "WTF" File #1 Apr. 21st, 2005 @ 01:33 pm
Texas bans gay foster parents


There you have it folks. There is no hope for Texas. Truly whatdafuck?! and truly sad. Not only do you, Texas, have a reputation for being the biggest bigot and bully in the Union, now you're a home-wrecker. Way to go. No really. Thank you so much for making the rest of us states look better and proving that you're ten gallon hat is on way too tight.

Dave's "WTF" File #3 Apr. 21st, 2005 @ 12:36 pm
Since I have yet to have any coffee, thusly having ill effects on my html skills, spelling and my concept of time and matter, I give you-

Desperate mother puts eye on sale


ahem- "whatdafuck?!

This my friend is beyond a bad day. This is a bad life. I really have nothing to say that can aptly describe how f@*ked up this is. No words. But I do have a message of love for India.

Dear India.
Knock this shit off. The Cast system is old and doesn't work. You are no longer under the rule of an angry, fat, old, conquest lov'n queen who obviously didn't like you. And hell, China likes you now anyway. So take care of your people for Christ sake. It will improve your economy, your world standing, your standards of living and even make you look a bit prettier. What the hell do you have to loose at this point? Your dignity? You don't have any more dignity! You lost it what that angry, fat, old, conquest lov'n queen who obviously didn't like you bitched slapped you from that damn little island. So pick yourself up. Clean yourself off. And take that first step into becoming not such an asshole. I know you can do it. We do it here in America all the time. Probably more than we would like to admit.

Your friend and pall.

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» Dave's "WTF?!" File #2
Finding something that makes me say whatdafuck didn't take long.

Truckers bristle at anti-terror rules

ahem- whatdafuck?!

Now before you go and say "But Dave, we need to make sure that Mr. Terrorist ain't gonna git us with them there house paint and nail polish loaded trucks!" I want you to take a moment and think about this- what the hell do I care about what you think. I mean really. If you are going to support this amazing amount of paranoia and wastefully spending of money, then there is no hope for you. You might as well take all of that tape and plastic you bought to 'protect your home from chemical attacks' and wrap yourself in it. Really tight. After about five minutes without air you'll no longer be in fear of Assama Bin Minute Rice and his trucker tactics of terror and start seeing flowers, bunnies and the Partridge Family. Then I'm sure you'll be much happier.

[edit] I fixed it folks. But the Eye Lady now has it's own post.
» (No Subject)
So yes, I have created an actual community for the Dave's "WTF?!" Files.
Please check out the user info for what you are getting into.

The page will be updated as I see fit, which is to say when I get my lazy ass to it. There really are no rules other than I make the rules and can thusly break the rules. You on the other hand can not. And if you do I shall lay upon you a plague of crotch-eating rats to feast on your niblits.

At some point I will have guest "WTF?!"ers here at Dave's "WTF?!" Files, but for now it's all Dave, which is to say me.
» Dave's "WTF?!" File #1
I'm going to start my very own "WTF" Files here on my LJ. It shall be called Dave's "WTF?!" Files.
I think the title speaks for itself. Please keep in mind that each subject I will post about makes me ask "whatdafuck?!", thus voicing my opinion on how "fucked up" I think- well actually know, said subject is. I'm not asking for any rebuttals or comments since it is my opinion that said subject is "fucked up" and not you the reader's. But you are more than welcome to agree with my mighty intellect and astute observations.

So without further ado I give you the first ever Dave's "WTF?!" Files:

Texas House Bill Bars Gay Foster Parents

ahem- whatdafuck?!
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